Metropolitan Municipality of Lima

The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima is responsible for planning Metropolitan Lima and for this purpose it has the Urban Development Office as a support organisation. The attributions of the Metropolitan Council of Lima include approving metropolitan plans and programmes for territorial and urban remodelling, and hence it is responsible for providing official information on the conformation of the district of Metropolitan Lima and related issues.

For the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, it is also a high priority to design adequate municipal public policies that give the city of Lima strategic orientation to face the impacts of climate change and address mitigation and adaptation needs in the short, medium and long term, within the framework of the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, the Environmental Action Plan, the Lima Environmental Plan and other initiatives such as reforms in the transport system, the Liwa Project1 and others.





1 Sustainable water and waste water management in growing urban centres facing climate change – Concepts for Metropolitan Lima (Peru) - LiWa